Human–wildlife conflicts report publication for the Luc Hoffmann Institute

human wildlife conflicts13 January 2020 – The New Year saw an invitation from the Luc Hoffmann Institute to editorially manage a report on The state of knowledge and practice on human–wildlife conflicts. Established by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the MAVA Foundation, the Luc Hoffmann Institute aims to be the world’s leading catalyst for innovation and transformative change to maintain biodiversity, the foundation of all life on Earth. It was a great pleasure to work on this project not only with some of the world’s leading experts on the topic, Isla Hodgson, Steve Redpath, and Camilla Sandström, who co-authored the text along with the initiator of the project, Duan Biggs, and to bring it to fruition on schedule for a future conference on the topic, but also Claire Pauchet, who selected some stunning images and handled the graphics.
The project gave me the opportunity to enter into a labour leasing (portage salarial) arrangement with OpSys360.

Human Brain Project gender equality articles

9 March 2018 — In conjunction with the first Human Brain Project (HBP) Conference on Gender and Diversity in Madrid, five of the leading ladies at various levels of responsibility within HBP were interviewed. The style loosely follows Goodnight stories for rebel girls.

It was a pleasure to conduct these interviews and their content is fascinating. The texts are accessible [viewed 2018-04-22] when you click the link.

Further articles I have written for HBP include: Patient benefits derive from Human Brain Project research (pp. 118–9 when you click the link) and an overview entitled the Human brain project (pp. 118–9 when you click the link).

Human Brain Project summit

17–20 October 2017 — I travelled to Glasgow with the Project Coordination Office (PCO) team. Having worked to prepare fliers for each Subproject (SP) for distribution from their Science Market stands, it was great to meet Project Leaders, Deputies and Managers in person, to put names to faces and to be briefed on future requirements for liaison between the PCO and SPs.

An inspirational talk by Bo Ewald, president of D-Wave, gave an insight into quantum computing, based on qubits, that can take the value 0 or 1 or both simultaneously.

The idea of exploiting quantum mechanics rather than fighting them was postulated originally by Richard Feynman in the 1980s. Current models are still their early stages and depend on magnets cooled to 15 mK (that is VERY chilly), but when such technology reaches widespread commercial viability, great increases in computing power are expected.

HTHP policy switch to applications

5 September 2017 — Switching to a greater focus on applications, indicated by changing the subtitle of the journal to Thermophysical Properties: Fundamentals and Applications, was a key decision taken by chief editors Iván Egry and Jean-François Sacadura at the HTHP board meeting.

Additionally, the aims and scope will be revised to accommodate the change in emphasis. These moves are designed to bolster submissions and increase impact. Some 10 HTHP board members were concurrently in Graz, Austria, for the European Conference on Thermophysical Properties.

This was a spirited meeting and the chance was taken to address concerns about accessibility of the journal and archive to universities. Additionally, a request went to the publisher concerning the wish of the board to post papers immediately they are in their final technical form before publication. It was confirmed that DOIs will be assigned from the beginning of volume 47 (2018).

On a lighter note, Ivan Egry announced the recipient of the Best Referee Award 2017, namely Manuel Piñeiro from Vigo, Spain, who unfortunately was not at the meeting. The certificate was dispatched later.

New QuintilesIMS contract

15 July 2017 — QuintilesIMS, which took over former client IMS Health in late 2016, have concluded a short contract with me to working on the Market Prognosis series of reports covering pharmaceutical markets in specific countries.

I am delighted to have been remembered by personnel with whom I have worked closely in the past and look forward to working with them again.

HTHP chief editor and publisher meeting

13 June 2017 — Next year sees the 10th anniversary of publication of HTHP by Old City Publishing. Publishing Director, Ian Mellanby and I had the opportunity to meet Editors-in-Chief, Iván Egry and Jean François Sacadura, in Lyon.

The award of a best referee certificate and expansion of the aims and scope are now on the agenda for the board meeting during the European Conference of Thermophysics in Graz, 4 September.

The 2016 Impact Factor for HTHP, 0.408, in line with some other thermophysics journals, is lower than that for 2015. Analysis is ongoing.

Copy flow remains robust, with the schedule of six issues per year being maintained.

PubMed registration for laser surgery journal

31 May 2017 — Confirmation of registration in PubMed of the Journal of Radiosurgery and SBRT, was celebrated at the Congress of the International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society in Montreux.

Dr Sam Ryu, centre, reviewed progress on ISRS’s official journal during the Congress. Publishing Director of OCP, Ian Mellanby, is at right.

At the request of many conference delegates, Old City Publishing will produce a post-print Congress abstracts book as a supplement to the journal.

New contract – Human Brain Project

15 May 2017 — A short contract with the Human Brain Project (HBP) at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) started today.

I am very happy to be working with the Project Coordination Office (PCO) on the Campus Biotech in Geneva, coordinating with the leaders and managers of the 12 subprojects.

The desire to gain a comprehensive understanding of the human brain is one of the great scientific challenges of our time. The Human Brain Project (HBP), one of two Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship projects of the European Commission (EC), launched in 2013 and planned to last over a decade, provides a research roadmap designed to meet this challenge. The overall aim of the HBP is to put in place a cutting-edge, scientific research infrastructure based on information and communications technology that will permit scientific and industrial researchers to advance our knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, computing and brain-related medicine.

Bonita editing platform test at ITU

​4 December 2015 — I was selected to try out the new system, which seems intuitive. For some trial documents I did not need to contact the experts about editorial changes, possibly because simpler documents were chosen at the outset.

Frankfurt Book Fair

13–15 October 2015 — A lead at a major German research institute was principal among the potentialities offered.

I took the opportunity to meet existing and potential clients, not to mention former colleagues and industry contacts.

promotional video launched in time for the start of the show to introduce Martin O’Neill Publisher Services (MOPS) to new customers. Thanks to all colleagues and friends for the valuable feedback.

The atmosphere at the Show, although the floor area occupied was smaller, was distinctly more upbeat than in previous years.

HTHP archive launched

10 September 2015 — The HTHP archive has gone online. The database covers articles from the founding of the journal in 1969 through to 2007 and enquiries have already been received.

According to Co-Editor-in-Chief, Jean-François Sacadura, “this really is great news that deserves to be widely shared with the community”.

Click here for a summary of the contents. Click here for details of the one-time subscription payment required for access.

HTHP impact factor trebles

21 July 2015 — The 2014 impact factor for HTHP is 0.455, up from 0.138 in 2013, Thomson Reuters announced. Consequently, the metric has more than tripled its value in 1 year. This impact factor also exceeds 0.356, the last figure assigned in 2005 under the previous publisher.

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Iván Egry, commented on the role of the expert support of the editorial board in achieving this result, “This is a great success. … we hope to maintain this positive thrust in the years to come, establishing HTHP as one of the leading international journals in thermophysics.”

Invoicing in Euros

24 June 2015 — To meet expectations of clients, I have now opened Euro accounts to receive funds.

HTHP executive meeting

​21 May 2015 — The annual HTHP editorial and publisher meeting in Paris was attended by Iván Egry, Jean-François Sacadura, Ian Mellanby, and I.

A proposed book series to treat topics within the journal’s scope in more depth was discussed. Enquiries with potential authors are continuing.

Part of the follow-up involved a tutorial for me on the submissions and refereeing management system, OJS, conducted by TeamViewer.

An annual award for best HTHP reviewer is to be presented for the first time at the 2017 European Conference on Thermophysics meeting in Graz, Austria.

ITU — Contract to work on the ITU Recommendations programme

16 February 2015 — An opportunity to add value to ITU Recommendations has been accepted. Currently, Martin O’Neill is assisting the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau in editing these complex texts on a short contract.

Martin has direct experience of editing standards-type publications through a 10 year-long association with ISO, where he was privileged to guide the publications of such technical committees as acoustics, as well as sound and vibration, through the publication process. Martin is a publisher professional with long experience in managing many editorial and marketing aspects of technical publishing and is very proud to be associated with ITU.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, ITU (the International Telecommunication Union) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies. Founded in 1865, ITU is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2015.

Journal of Radiosurgery and BRST — New administrator

19 January 2015 — The Journal of Radiosurgery and SBRT (JRSBRT), has a new manager of the journal office.

Martin O’Neill is now supporting Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Samuel Ryu, Stony Brook University School of Medicine, NY, USA, and his prestigious international editorial board of 75 or so members in ensuring submissions are put out to expert reviewers with a minimum of delay, in addition to transmitting accepted submissions to the publisher. Martin is a publisher professional with long experience in managing many editorial and marketing aspects of technical publishing.

JRSBRT, the international multidisciplinary serial currently in volume 3, covers the physics, biology, and clinical experience of radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), as applied in the specialties of neurosurgery and radiation oncology, and many other related specialties of body SBRT.
The publication fulfills a key niche in the surgical literature and is a major addition to the list of publisher, OCP, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

For subscriptions, please contact:
For submissions, please contact:

Solid support brings promise in 2015!

Award of an impact factor to High Temperatures — High Pressures, followed by a substantial editorial board reorganization, were highlights in my first full year of operation as an independent publisher services contractor. Additionally, I was honoured to be chosen as a consultant on a substantial series of pharmaceutical reports and to be selected to provide drafting advice to authors whose first language is not English, when submitting reports of ground-breaking work to high-impact factor peer-reviewed publications.

My professional activities have often brought me to the international quarters of Geneva and Paris throughout the past year. Many experts involved in publishing processes in the United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations have been able, not only to supply me with work opportunities, but also to give me perspectives on how they see the dissemination of technical information developing over the next 5–10 years. Such advice has proved invaluable to me in formulating my service offer.

Professional commitments during the year took me to Frankfurt, Paris, Philadelphia, Oporto, and the London area. I am privileged to have worked in creative publishing environments, particularly G +B (now Taylor and Francis), where all editors were given great freedom, and many of my former colleagues are now very highly placed elsewhere or run their own enterprises. It was a pleasure to meet many of them again at the Frankfurt Book Fair and on my business trips.

I have been an enthusiastic advocate of ethical publishing since the 1990s and I am very pleased to see that the concepts are now developing very sturdily as a means of checking some of the worst excesses of the “wild West” that has developed around some of the electronic means of technical information dissemination.

I am very grateful to my network for these opportunities, which enabled me to create a solid record of achievement in 2014. Thank you, friends old and new, all for your help and support! I’m looking forward to working with you again in 2015.



Award of impact factor to High Temperatures–High Pressures (HTHP) celebrated at board meeting September 1, 2014

HTHP’s new impact factor is 0.138. Awarded by the prestigious ISI Web of Knowledge, possession of this metric is one of the most attractive features of scientific journals. Chief Editors, Ivan Egry and Jean-François Sacadura, have already noticed an upturn in requests to join the editorial board, and confidently expect an increase in quality and volume of submissions as a result of the award.

Publisher representative, Martin O’Neill, responsible for the acquisition of HTHP on behalf of Old City Publishing, Philadelphia, PA, noted that the impact factor has been released just in time for the 2015 subscriptions round by university librarians. So it is possible that online downloads and print subscriptions will also increase in reaction to the metric.

The factor was a major point of discussion when the Chief Editors welcomed 11 HTHP board members during the 20th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties (ECTP), Oporto, Portugal. ECTP itself recorded a greater attendance than expected, 380, with participants from 39 countries, and a substantial contingent from Japan. So the new factor may help HTHP ride a new wave of interest in this field, which covers research on the behaviour of solids and liquids under extreme conditions for diverse applications in pure and applied physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering. Further details can be found at:

A great turnout at the HTHP editorial board reception, September 1, 2014, Oporto, Portugal


Martin S. O’Neill Launched as Freelance Publisher

Mr. O’Neill is known as “Mr. Fix-It” and “Mr. Positive” within the publishing industry

GENEVE, SWITZERLAND, May 10, 2014, Freelance Publisher Martin S. O’Neill is increasingly recognized by a growing number of international clients for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in the publishing industry.

Martin has 40 years of professional experience, and has become adept at placing new or existing publications with suitable publishers, e,g, High Temperatures – High Pressures with OCP, Philadelphia. In addition, Martin promotes business growth by identifying new markets and readerships for existing publications. On a daily basis, he is responsible for initiating new projects while remodeling existing projects. Martin is an experienced services provider to international companies and organizations devoted to dissemination of primary or secondary scientific, technological, and medical information via electronic and print media, in multilingual environments.

As part of his passion for quality, Martin dispels ignorance about intellectual property issues, e,g, patent rights and copyright permissions.

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